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On shamanic classes and sessions

Testimonials: Välkommen

This work - and Jeanette as a teacher- has opened up a whole new world of possibilities, a peaceful and meaningful perspective on myself and the world around me. I walk with much more power and energy in life, it brought me to the core of who I am – my own essence. I can sense now which of my thoughts and actions drain energy and how I can operate in a different way. These processes happened layer by layer - very gently - where I was able to remember that I am whole and perfect as I am on a very deep level. I myself have tried many other alternative healing methods and yet I have not experiences anything more powerful - this gift I want to share with the world.

Att gå ett personligt medicinhjul har gett mig många olika verktyg att använda i mitt dagliga liv. Både personligt och i mitt arbete som företagare och ledare. Att lära mig att leda mig själv i mitt eget liv, har automatiskt lett till att jag leder mitt företag på samma sätt. Jag gick medicinhjulet tillsammans med min man som också driver ett företag. Vår relation har fördjupats och kärleken har förstärkts. Vi har samma språk när vi resonerar kring olika affärsstrategier och det för med sig så mycket mer inspiration och glädje. 

Tack Jeanette för din kloka, seriösa och intelligenta guidning genom de olika väderstrecken i det Personliga Medicinhjulet.

Elisabeth H

Helena G

Jeanette håller ett magiskt space av visdom och har ett ödmjukt öppet hjärta som berör djupt i själen!

TACK underbara kloka Jeanette Mantel för det magiska som vi fick vara med om!! Fantastiska ceremonier & dom vackra helande rummen. Jag är så otroligt tacksam!


Annette D

Testimonials: Testimonials
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Testimonials: Testimonials

Jeanette ignite and inspire people that she touch very deeply, as she bring them on journey. She see´s clearly the truth of things, being able to guide and coach people with both a strong and loving leadership role. Teaching in a way that makes people listen and understand.

Jeanette is what´s called one of a kind when it comes to energy medicine, standing in her power with high integrity, walking her talk. A carrier and stewardess of the ancient medicine applied into modern times with excellence. Jeanette has been of enormous assistance and help when it comes to my direct pivotal life. I warmly recommend her work to anyone willing to take the steps of changes in their life.

Mag. E.Hampel


Thank you lovely soul. It was amazing!

Tack för en underbar klass. Så mycket processer o du håller space helt fantastiskt.

Charlotte Ö


Testimonials: Bild

Such beautiful class journeying into our shadows to bring back the light and our strength. Coming back to our lives whole in unity with the High Spirit, nourished by Mother Earth! Thank you Jeanette for your presence and making beautiful this path on shadow work!!!

I recommend with my warmest heart these life changing and light bringing teachings to everybody who feels the calling of their destiny. Finding the destiny and LIVING it is the longing of our soul.

Viviane D

Ritva M

Din profession, erfarenhet och djupa visdom samt tydlighet gav mer än vad ord kan beskriva. Tack Tack Tack Jeanette!

Class full of love, beauty, laughter, signs not to be omitted, self-discovery and creation!

Ella L

Erja J

Testimonials: Testimonials
Testimonials: Bild
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