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Shamanic energy medicine for the modern world of dreamers and healers.

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Welcome to my blog Spirit of Inka.

I have been studying and living with shamanic teachings for more than 20 years. What called me into the shamanic world was my longing to heal and grow spiritually. I knew deep in my soul it was possible to change my life for a more spiritually fulfilled, meaningful and joyful experience.

I had my career, family, friends, house, car.... and still at the soul level life felt empty and chaotic. The inner call to change brought me to Peru where I was introduced to Andean shamanism with its ceremonial world to heal and shift. With this meeting in 2001, my life took a new direction with shamanic studies in the mysticism and wisdom of the Andes.

My work as a healer and teacher in shamanic energy medicine has given me so much beauty.

I have met thousands of lovely souls during the years whose lives have been positively changed by these teachings and healing ceremonies just as mine has. This is what I love to share with you in this blog; The way of the healer, the spiritual warrior, the wisdomkeeper and the dreamer with some personal stories so that you can be touched by those powerful teachings as well.

Shamanic leadership

Shamanic teachings calls for higher levels of spiritual consciousness in how we live and lead ourselves with one foot in each world, physical and material. Shamanic leadership is a journey of self discovery so most of the posts will also contain suggestions of what you can reflect upon to strengthen your soul connection and make positive changes in your life!

The 3 worlds in Andean shamanism
Aiyana holding 3 worlds consciousness.

Bilingual blog posts

I give myself the freedom to make my posts bilingual in English and Swedish, since I have worked internationally for many years and have connections all over the world.

Welcome to read my blog and be inspired to how you can change and heal your life for a more balanced, loving and magical way of living... or just be touched by stories through the shaman eyes of power and knowledge. I will release a new blog post every week.

Do you have a subject you would like me to write about from a shamanic perspective?

Please leave a comment and let me know. I look so much forward to meet you through this blog.

With love, Aiyana

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