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Magical Peru 2023

Come journey with me and Qero shamans in the Andean world for unique experiences in Machu Picchu and other Earth temples around Cusco.

The Qero shamans are known to be keepers of the ancient knowledge living in sacred engagement and communication with the mystical world of energy. As you spend time with them in healing ceremonies, you heal whatever needs healing, aligning your dreams and visions with the calling of your soul.

Those 2 journeys has its essence in empowering your spiritual eyes and dreaming skills for the possible and positive, to uplift the vision you have for you and the world. They are created as one whole, but you can journey with us only for the first week in Sacred valley and still have an amazing Peru experience that you will source from forever. 

If you have any questions, please contact me and we talk more about what those magical journeys offer you! See journey presentations, videos and photos below.  Welcome to a life changing journey that touches and speak directly to the heart! 

Peru Journeys: Välkommen
Peru Journeys: Gallery
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