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Shamanic Mentorship

Presence. Soul-Purpose. Power.

Are you looking for a higher meaning in life?

Searching for inspiration and support to fill your life with more soul energy? Or would you benefit from a mentor that is seeing possibilities beyond the mind?

Mentorship: Välkommen

Wisdom Wheel Mentorship for Mesa carriers

Stillness. Mystical Wisdom. Healing

After an East class the shaman is said to live in the center of the wheel of life for balance and power no matter what is going on in the outside world.

This mentrorship program is designed to deepen the wisdom teachings in each direction and upgrade your shamanic skills in how to live in the center of your medicine.

Mentorship: Välkommen

We change the world from within

Shamanic wisdom opens the power of the heart which creates leaders with higher consciusness in how to shape and change the world from within.

Welcome to learn how to apply Shamanic wisdom in leading yourself, leading others or your business from a place of inner strenght, intuitive thinking and creative inspiration.

Mentorship: Bild
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