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The Shaman World

The shamanic life journey is a deep, beautiful and profound spiritual experience, whose freshness and mystery gives meaning to the human potential and humanitys conscious revolution towards peace and harmonious relationships.

We in the western world can become great healers and great visionaries as we remember our true spiritual nature. Shamans are people of percept, of power in action, change-makers and bridge walkers... Are you one of them who carries a longing to grow in your soul and contribute to life from higher levels of spiritual consciousness?

Then welcome to an amazing journey of self-discovery through the Inka Medicine Wheel and its Master Classes.

Medicine Wheel: About

Inka Medicine Wheel

Healing. Ancient wisdom. Initiation.

The Medicine Wheel is a shamanic leadership training that offer you an extraordinary healing journey through
the sacred four directions, power animals and elements. Through its wisdom teachings and healing ceremonies you remember yourself anew, remember your soul mission and the power of living from the heart. 

It is designed for you who wish to heal your life and discover more of who you are from a soul perspective. The Medicine Wheel is a spiritual training towards higher consciousness of being and acting in the world. The journey through the four directions is about healing the past, learn to walk in balance on the power path of life, master time, and shapeshift the world by consciously participating in the co-creation of reality.

Medicine Wheel: Välkommen

Shamanic Master Classes

Shamans Altar. Luminous Warrior. Date with Destiny. The Dreamer

Welcome to continue your Shamanic training and life journey!          These classes are for you who have made your journey through the Medicine Wheel and carry a Medicine Altar, a Mesa with 13 stones.    The Medicine Wheel journey never ends, it keeps you growing in your luminous nature and calls you to an ever expanding level of awareness of what is possible in your life!

This is what the  Master program offer you, tools and ceremonies on a more advanced level in Shamanic Energy medicine to upgrade the vision of you as Healer and as Visionary.

Are you willing to take new steps in your spiritual development and challenge your old approaches and limiting patterns to become more of who you are? Then this master program is your powerful next step!

These are on demand classes so please send me an e-mail and we talk more of the next opportunity to join us!

Medicine Wheel: About
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