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Shamansk Energi Medicin

För ledare i spirituell utveckling

Shamanskt Ledarskap: Welcome

Shamanskt Ledarskap

En shaman är en person som går mellan världar av energi och materia, vilket skapar helande och rätt relation till allt som är i vår fysiska värld.
Grundläggande för shamanism är att förstå att verkligheten har en spirituell dimension. En källa vi alla tillhör och har gemensamt. Så för en shaman har allt som har form eller substans också en själ ‑ träd, djur, människor, organisationer...
Shamanen arbetar i den spirituella dimensionen, i världen av energi, som informerar den fysiska världen med healing och positiv förändring.

Är du en ledare som vill växa ditt andliga medvetande och utveckla ett högre själssyfte i livet? Då är du på rätt plats! En mycket spännande resa med djupare självmedvetenhet väntar på dig.

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Vision of the Heart Journey   in Peru April 17-30th 2023

Come journey with me and meet the Qero shamans of the Andean world for unique experiences in Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley around Cusco. Journeying in Peru opens the heart and make us remember our spiritual nature and see ourselves in a new light. Through the experience we are deeply touched by the sacred dimension of life, a place where new dreams are born.

This journey has its essence of empowering your visionary eyes and dreaming skills for the possible and positive, which are so important in the times we are living.

The Qero shamans are known to be keepers of the ancient knowledge living in a sacred world of engagement. As we spend time with them, our luminous bodies are nourished with light, creativity and inspiration. This power energy often brings us courage to take new steps in our lives. Through ceremony and ritual, we align our dreams and visions, clearing our perception and communication with the mystical world of energy.

The 2nd part of the journey is to hike the 4 day royal road, The Inka Trail, to Machu Picchu.   It is like a vision quest in a power hike that silence the mind and make you available to hear your soul and its call to move beyond what you already know. You hike in a group of likeminded people, surrounded and held by a very beautiful life-giving nature to align your inner world with outer expression.

To inspire you to an unforgettable adventure in Peru, see journey schedules below and click on Peru in the header for videos and more photos. Enjoy!

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My Story

The Andean spiritual world of Shamanic Energy Medicine has been my life path from the very first meeting in 2001. As I embarked upon my own Shaman training, I transformed deep in my core, which changed my entire life from then on. It took me on a healing journey beyond what I thought possible and launched me on a path of teaching Shamanic Master programs in different countries of Europe. For 19 years now it has been my calling to bring healing and spiritual development through the way of Shamanic mystical wisdom and Healer Skills. My work is now focused on leadership to awaken spiritual power for a higher dimension of wellbeing and positive change in the world.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden so what I offer of Shamanic trainings, Mentorship programs, and Healing sessions is also available in Swedish language. Welcome to the world of Shaman!

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its healing wisdom, power animals, and beautiful wisdom teachings.

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