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Shamanic Leadership for Life and Business

Welcome to the world of Shamanic Energy Medicine

A shaman is one who is dedicated to self-mastery, to discovering truths beyond the reach of ordinary reality for the sake of both personal and global healing. He or she live with one foot in each world, material-spiritual or visible-invisible realities. The invisible one is where everything begins in the realm of pure energy. The shaman has the knowledge of how to move energy, or life force, to create healing and visions into physical manifestation.

Shamanism is a way of life based
on the principles of that everything is connected. Energy medicine wisdom is utilized to empower the sacred dimension of oneself and one's relationship to the whole.

Are you called to grow in your spiritual consciousness and develop a higher soul purpose in life? Then you are in the right place!              A beautiful healing journey of self-discovery awaits you, an inner journey that upgrades the vision of you!

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My Story

The Andean spiritual world of Shamanic Energy Medicine has been my life path from the very first meeting in 2001. As I embarked upon my own Shaman training, I transformed deep in my core, which changed my entire life from then on. It took me on a healing journey beyond what I thought possible and launched me on a path of teaching Shamanic Master programs in different countries of Europe. For 19 years now it has been my calling to bring healing and spiritual development through the way of Shamanic mystical wisdom for a higher dimension of wellbeing, self-leadership and positive change in the world.



Det bor en helig plats inom oss alla där våra högsta drömmar om livet finns. I shamansk energimedicin handlar allt om att leva i kraft, balans och harmoni för att ha energi till att förverkliga och leva det vi önskar. Ofta har vi en historia som behöver healing och med det begränsningar om vad vi tror är möjligt, vilket håller oss fast i det vi redan vet. Tryggt men tråkigt, då livet bara rullar på och drömmarna vissnar... känner du igen dig och vill lära mer om hur du kan skifta din Story?

Kontakta mig gärna och vi kan boka upp ett möte och prata mer om hur ett Medicinhjul, Mentorskapsprogram eller Healing sessioner kan serva dig på din alldeles unika livsresa!

Varma hälsningar Aiyana

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